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Suitcase tables are designed to fit inside standard traveling luggage suitcase  (anything above 70cm height x 50cm width)

Please note - Weight can change depends on the batch of aluminium and foam which can be different. The weight we advertise for each model is the average weight of that model. Meaning sometimes it can be up to + - 10% lighter or heavier but mostly close to that weight

Brand: Meridian Tables Model: SSFS
Spinal Support Foam System is new exclusive designed by Meridian Tables to provide rigid support to your clients body just where it's needed most - under the spine and leave the rest of the body supported by far softer comfier foam.  Far lighter in weight than rigid surface (plywood base) ..
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Brand: Meridian Tables Model: SUIT-LIGHT
About this Model: As you might of guessed by the name the Suitcase Light is made to fit into a standard traveling luggage suitcase making it the most compact massage table in the world. Built very similar to the Compact table (width and height wise) yet shorter by 20cm. This model is exceptiona..
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Brand: Meridian Tables Model: SLC
About this Model: Same size as the Suitcase Light yet with our unique Rigid LightCore system a state of the art super rigid lightweight, made especially for those who need the lightest weight massage table possible that is also very rigid firm and strong and most importantly - fits inside ..
Ex Tax:$1,400.00
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