Spinal Support Foam System

Spinal Support Foam System
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Spinal Support Foam System is new exclusive designed by Meridian Tables to provide rigid support to your clients body just where it's needed most - under the spine and leave the rest of the body supported by far softer comfier foam.  

  1. Far lighter in weight than rigid surface (plywood base) and hard heavy duty foam options all over
  2. Allows table to be suited for all modalities - both relaxing styles and Osteopathic, chiropractic styles
  3. More comfy and supportive for your clients when laying face down and prone position
  4. For women - most support is at the sternum between the breasts allowing far less discomfort compared with normal hard foams or even softer foam as breasts end up taking most the pressure when laying face down
  5. Especially allowing all our models with the mesh base (such as Atmosphere, Mini-Me, compact, Mini Atmosphere, King Light... etc')  to be more comfy and suitable for more modalities

Comes in few options:

  • Spinal Support Foam System, Foam only (face hole side or rear)
  • Spinal Support Foam System , Foam & welded metal bar( face hole side or rear)): More rigid 
  • Spinal Support Foam System, removable fitted bar only: not as effective because there is no extra firm foam which provides most the effect... but still better then nothing 

Choose the option you like and add to your table order. Can also be added to power lift tables - choose the Foam only option

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