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Compact 5.5kg 12lbs Production 1-2 weeks

Compact 5.5kg 12lbs

About this Model: Compact world lightest weight portable massage table 5.5kg 12lbs. This model is ma..

$1,188.00 Ex Tax: $1,080.00
Compact Atmosphere 5.4kg Production 1-2 weeks

Compact Atmosphere 5.4kg

About this Model: This model is similar to the Atmosphere 49 - yet shorter by 20cm. Truly compact an..

$1,188.00 Ex Tax: $1,080.00
Compact Ply In Stock

Compact Ply

About this Model: As its name suggests, it's firstly a really compact is so easy and ligh..

$1,023.00 Ex Tax: $930.00
Terry cover Compact face hole New

Terry cover Compact face hole

Terry cover for Compact size tables with face hole  (extra short tables 165cm with face hole) ...

$77.00 Ex Tax: $70.00

Terry Towelling cover - Compact Table

Terry Towelling elastic covers have few main functions:    Provide total prote..

$66.00 Ex Tax: $60.00

YogaMatt Compact 4.8kg

About this Model: Yoga matt closed cell foam 10mm thick surface no vinyl Compact Table Mesh Bas..

$1,056.00 Ex Tax: $960.00
Chiro LightCore Compact 5.4kg Production 6 - 7 days

Chiro LightCore Compact 5.4kg

About this Model: Chiro LightCore Compact 5.4kg is a state of the art Compact super rigid ..

$1,507.00 Ex Tax: $1,370.00
Combo Compact LightCore 50cm, 5.8kg New Production 1-2 weeks

Combo Compact LightCore 50cm, 5.8kg

About this Model: The Combo Compact LightCore 50cm, 5.8kg is a shorter version 165cm long of th..

$1,507.00 Ex Tax: $1,370.00
Multi LightCore Compact, 5.7kg Production 1-2 weeks

Multi LightCore Compact, 5.7kg

About this Model:Multi LightCore Compact, 5.7kgis world lightest of it's kind massage table, ma..

$1,507.00 Ex Tax: $1,370.00
Pregnancy Compact Mesh 7kg Production 1-2 weeks

Pregnancy Compact Mesh 7kg

About this Model: The Pregnancy Compact Mesh model is an extra narrow 49cm and very lightw..

$1,496.00 Ex Tax: $1,360.00


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