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Chiro LightCore 68cm, 7kg Production 1-2 weeks

Chiro LightCore 68cm, 7kg

About this Model: Chiro LightCore 68, 7kg is a state of the art super rigid lightweight massage..

$1,496.00 Ex Tax: $1,360.00
Combo LightCore 64cm, 7kg New Production 1-2 weeks

Combo LightCore 64cm, 7kg

About this Model: The Combo LightCore 64cm, 7kg is the lightest weight portable table of it's k..

$1,408.00 Ex Tax: $1,280.00
Regular LightCore 61cm, 7kg Production 1-2 weeks

Regular LightCore 61cm, 7kg

About this Model: Regular LightCore 61, 7kg is a lightweight massage table, made for those who ..

$1,320.00 Ex Tax: $1,200.00
Regular LightCore Compact, 5.7kg New Production 1-2 weeks

Regular LightCore Compact, 5.7kg

About this Model: Regular LightCore Compact, 5.7kg is a compact lightweight massage table,..

$1,276.00 Ex Tax: $1,160.00

Tantra Mini Light 68cm-7.7kg

About this Model: The Tantra Mini-light 68cm model is 20cm shorter than the Tantra Light 68. It..

$1,254.00 Ex Tax: $1,140.00

Atm 68cm, 7kg UltraThane

About this Model: Our most popular Atmosphere 68 ready to go included the Superior UltraThane H..

$1,089.00 Ex Tax: $990.00

Atmosphere 68cm, 7kg

About this Model: Atmosphere is the World lightest weight full-size portable massage table with face..

$957.00 Ex Tax: $870.00
Mini Atm 71cm, 7kg Production 1-2 weeks

Mini Atm 71cm, 7kg

About this Model: Mini Atmosphere 73 is the same as the Atmosphere 73  yet 20cm short..

$989.00 Ex Tax: $899.09
Pregnancy Compact Mesh 7kg Production 1-2 weeks

Pregnancy Compact Mesh 7kg

About this Model: The Pregnancy Compact Mesh model is an extra narrow 49cm and very lightw..

$1,188.00 Ex Tax: $1,080.00

Atm 73cm, 7.7kg UtraThane

About this Model: Our second most popular Atmosphere 73 ready to go included the Superior ..

$1,131.00 Ex Tax: $1,028.18

Atmosphere 73cm, 7.7kg

About this Model: Atmosphere is the World lightest weight full size portable massage table with..

$999.00 Ex Tax: $908.18
Atm' EasyLift 73cm, 9.7kg Production 1-2 weeks

Atm' EasyLift 73cm, 9.7kg

About this Model: Atmosphere EasyLift 73cm wide 9.7kg, function as a power lift, allowing the h..

$1,397.00 Ex Tax: $1,270.00


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