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Easy-Lift King size

Easy-Lift King size

The King Extra wide Portable table model with Easy Lift Legs allows table's height to be adjusted whiles client is on top

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King Easy Lift 85cm 16kg Production 4-8 weeks

King Easy Lift 85cm 16kg

The "King EasyLift" is our new style extra wide King table with the EasyLift legs included. It is 85..

Ex Tax: $1,832.73

Spinal Support Foam System

Spinal Support Foam System is new exclusive designed by Meridian Tables to provide rigid support to ..

Ex Tax: $0.00
Easy Lift King Light 82cm - 10.3kg Production 4-8 weeks

Easy Lift King Light 82cm - 10.3kg

About this Model: Easy Lift King light 82 is the World lightest weight extra extra wide size po..

Ex Tax: $1,952.73
Atm' EasyLift 85cm, 12.5kg Production 4-8 weeks

Atm' EasyLift 85cm, 12.5kg

Atmosphere Easy Lift  85cm wide 12.5kg, function as a power lift, allowing the height to be adj..

Ex Tax: $1,870.00