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Atmosphere 71cm, 7.5kg

Production 4-8 weeks Atmosphere 71cm, 7.5kg
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About this Model: Atmosphere is the World lightest weight full size portable massage table with face hole. This model is 71cm wide (including Side Padding System) and weighs from 7.5kg. The mesh underneath is very strong and relatively firm yet still have this extra flex that provides even extra comfort & softness for your clients. Just keep in mind the extra elasticity is not best for chiropractic style treatments. We use 50mm thick foam standard with this model - the mesh base provides softness so there is no need for thick foam, however you can order the table with extra thick and Deluxe foams if you wish. Super comfortable face hole so you don't need to use face cushioning which lift the head and disturb proper posture. Simply use our Terry towelling system. Can be upgraded with headrest/arm rest and EasyLift legs


  • Weight: From 7.5kg (with low height legs and UltraThane super lightweight, oil resistant vinyl) 
  • Strength: Tested to carry 1000kg Static weight. working maximum load is 300kg
  • Width: 71cm wide including Side Padding System
  • Foam: 50mm thick multipurpose Foam
  • Height range: 55-80cm Standard range (Available in extra low range 43-68cm and extra high 65-90cm )
  • Side Padding System: included
  • Upholstery Style: Easy removable Upholstery Vinyl System 
  • Upholstery fabricUltraThane HR best Covid 19 upholstery, sterilisations resistant, skin friendly, lightweight, super soft and oil resistant
  • Length: 185cm
  • Size folded: 94 x 71 x 18cm
  • Face Hole: Super Comfortable Standard Meridian Style
  • Upgrades: Can be upgraded with the Head/arm rests, Flexi-wings, foot extension, extra low legs, extra tall legs and more....
  • Comes with: Mount plate to attach face cradle and armrest
  • Warranty: 10 year structural warranty, 5 years warranty on the mesh
  • Suitable for: most modalities excluding manipulation style
Width including
side padding
Width of structureLengthHeight

Weight with extra low legs

and Ultra Thane vinyl

ATM7171-72cm60cm185cm55-80cm50mm7.5kgMade to order

General information about the Atmosphere Table

1. The "Side Padding System"
The side padding system is another unique feature that only Meridians tables provide. It allows the A.I.O table to be suited to any modality you will ever take on and at the same time provides the utmost luxurious comfort for both the practitioner and the client. Choosing the right width for your table can be a confusing decision. The Unique system of “side padding” – provides the solution that dilemma. Normally there is a conflict between practitioner & client needs over the width of the table. In general, practitioners prefer narrow tables for better access, while clients prefer wide surfaces for comfort and arm space. The side padding system lets the practitioner get close access & maintain correct posture while leaning against the spongy 7cm foam on each side of the table. For example: in our most popular variation (“A.I.O Main”) – the total width including the side padding is 72cm and the structural width is 60cm. What that means is that as far as the client’s concerned the table is 72cm wide yet as far as the practitioner’s concerned the table’s width is only 60cm wide.

2. The "Grow System"
The Atmosphere table can grow with your practice changing needs:

Headrest & Armrest

Foot extensionExtra Low/High LegsCastor Wheels LegsFlxi-WingsSpecial Attachements& future projects

The Atmosphere Table can be upgraded and modified at any stage after purchase to suit the practitioner and their clients changing needs. These include:

  • Extra low or high range of adjustable hight legs (Normal height range is 55-80cm)
  • Custom made legs

 As well the Atmosphere table can be enhanced with many attachments and unique attachment that will provide clever innovative solutions and add on comfort for both the practitioner and clients. These include:

  • “Flexi-Wings”
  • Removable lift up back support
  • Head rest & Arm rest (multi functional – can be used as a flat surface for better cranial work)
  • Foot extension.
  • Custom made attachments

3. Elastic Upholstery Vinyl System is included

Vinyl is attached with elastic - no staples
Like our Mini-Me mesh models the Easy removable Vinyl option provide is easy to replace in the future when the need for reupholster comes. As well it allows extra flat surface for clients arm space and more comfy feel.
The vinyl is attached with much less tension and this allows the foam to expand to full capacity. The table looks puffier and feel extra deluxe!

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