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Multi LightCore 72cm, 7.9kg

Production 4-8 weeks Multi LightCore 72cm, 7.9kg
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About this Model: Multi LightCore 72cm (71cm-74cm depends on the foam thickness you choose), 7.9kg is world lightest of it's kind massage table, made for those who find the mesh base tables too flexible for their practice yet find the Chiro LightCore tables too stiff and rigid. Made with the lightCore composite system yet with thicker multi purpose 'normal' soft foam (40mm+ thickness) and less thickness (20mm) of the stiff LightCore structure. Suitable for most modalities. An all rounder table . The Multi LightCore 72, 7.9kg table is almost identical to the Atmosphere 73, 7.9kg yet with semi rigid surface under the foam instead of the flexible mesh.  The face hole shaped mould however is especially designed to allow soft foam all the way through for maximum comfort where it's mostly needed. The table also Includes free:


  • Weight: 7.9kg (low height legs) 8.3kg (standard height legs)
  • Strength: Tested to carry 1000kg Static weight. working maximum load is 300kg
  • Width: 72cm wide including side padding system on each side  (71cm-74cm depends on the foam thickness you choose)
  • Foam: 40mm multi purpose foam and 20mm thick LightCore surface. 
  • Height range: Extra low height range 41-64cm or standard 55-80cm included in price
  • Side Padding System: 13cm side padding system over all
  • Upholstery Style:  UltraThane Easy removable Upholstery Vinyl System
  • Upholstery fabricUltraThane HR best Covid 19 upholstery, sterilisations resistant, skin friendly, lightweight, super soft and oil resistant
  • Length: 185cm
  • Size folded: 92 x 72 x 18cm
  • Face Hole: Added extra thick foam, Super Comfortable Standard Meridian Style
  • Upgrades: Can be upgraded with the Head/armrests, Easy-Lift legs, different height range, foot extension and more upcoming attachments
  • Comes with: Mount plate to attach face cradle 
  • Warranty: 10-year structural warranty, 5 years warranty on the composite core
  • Suitable for: Mainly deep tissue and manipulation styles like Chiro and Osteo... etc'.
Width including
side padding
Width of structureLengthHeight






60-90mm7.9-8.9kgMade to order

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