Great natural health products for detox and cleansing 

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 Blue Spirulina Organic Powder New

Blue Spirulina Organic Powder

Blue Spirulina is a blue pigment that comes from blue-green algae. It is known to have a high nutrit..

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Energy C Multivitamin Drink New

Energy C Multivitamin Drink

SummaryA multivitamin, energy booster and high dose vitamin C in drink formMay help to support ..

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Green Chai Organic New

Green Chai Organic

Green Chai OrganicA delicious organic chai blend enriched with the beneficial antioxidant properties..

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Intestinal Detox Formula 1

SummaryThis stimulating organic herbal blend is cleansing, healing and ..

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Intestinal Detox Formula 2 -12%

Intestinal Detox Formula 2

SummaryThis soothing fibre blend contains three of the most powerful and effective drawing agents an..

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Ormus Water 50ml Dropper

Healing Alchemy Ormus Water is our base product. It comes in a liquid form and stored in darken glas..

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Parasite Cleanse Tea

Parasite Cleanse TeaMost doctors aren’t properly trained to look for signs of infection caused by ha..

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Pinnacle Ginkgo Biloba

To make Pinnacle Ginkgo Biloba we use multiple extraction methods on concentrated preparations of Gi..

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Pinnacle Herbal Tonic

Herbal Tonic contains a powerful combination of herbs that act together as a liver intestinal cleans..

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Tissue Salts Comb T New

Tissue Salts Comb T

Tissue Salts Comb TThe remedy for the first stage of illness.The combination of Ferr Phos and Kali M..

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Tissue Salts Kali Sulph Skin Balance New

Tissue Salts Kali Sulph Skin Balance

Tissue Salts Kali Sulph Skin BalanceKali Sulph is found in the cells lining the skin. It supports th..

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Tissue Salts Nerve Tonic Combination 5 New

Tissue Salts Nerve Tonic Combination 5

Tissue Salts Nerve Tonic Combination 5Assists with:AnxietyNeuralgic painGeneral debilityDirections:C..

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Wild C 150g

SummaryAustralia's only entirely natural vitamin C supplement. Highly bio-available, totally natural..

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